COMST SIM Specialties

Ready to use just after purchase anywhere in Japan

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Insert the sim card, set APN and activate the sim by COMST app. Only three steps to use.

Remaining data can be confirmed on time!

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How many days? How many GB? Remaining data can be confirm on app

Various recharge plan is available!

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Various recharge plan is available! It can be used contiueously by recharging before the expiration date.

Various payment method!

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Payment of recharge can be done by credit card and at convenience store nationwide.

Initial plan

Data Allowance Valid Term SIM size Price
(Excluding TAX)

from activation

Enclosed with SIM adapter
discretionary price

from activation
discretionary price
discretionary price
discretionary price
discretionary price
discretionary price

※Unlimited plan is available high speed mode up to 300MB per day, 128kbps low speed mode afterwards.
※The data speed limit is canceled at midnight every day.

Important Notice
・ Preparing SIM unlocked device is required for using this product. Please refer to applicable device before purchase. Docomo device is not required to be SIM unlocked status.
・ Please activate the SIM in 15 days from purchase date.
・ This product is only for Data Communication service. Voice service and SMS are not available.
・ This product can be used in Japan only, no roaming service available.
・ This product supports tethering function, but not all of the smart device.
・ This product will be terminated in below case; over limit of valid data or date, and not request continuation procedure before expireation date.
・ This product does not guarantee to support all of applications and services.
・ Any users who are less than 20 years old are required for a written consent issued by the legal representative in order to contract our service.

Recharge plan

You can keep using the SIM by
recharging before the expireation date!

Data allowance Valid Term Price
(Excluding TAX)
¥ 1,000
¥ 1,800
¥ 2,500
¥ 3,000

Payment of recharge can be done by credit card and at convenience store nationwide.

Payment at convenience store
Payment by credit card

Product Specification

Network type LTE 800/1500/2100MHz
Data Speed 225Mbps/50Mbps (down/up)
SIM Size Compatible with any SIM slot (Enclosed with SIM adapter)

* COMST SIM provide an internet access service under NTT DOCOMO's LTE networks operated within Japan, the network is available for NTT DOCOMO's “Xi” area. It is not compatible with NTT DOCOMO's services such as “SP mode”,“docomo mail ( and so on.
* More information for NTT DoCoMo's service area click here .
* Data speeds are on a best-effort basis, it does not guarantee actual speeds.The actual speeds are depending on their network environment and congestion.Please refer to the COMST official

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